Who's behind vehicle burglaries in Orange County subdivisions?

Nothing of value was stolen

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Several homeowners in Orange County said their vehicles were broken into early Monday morning.

The break-ins took place in the Independence and Summerport subdivisions.

Homeowners said the vehicles were locked and unlocked.

Shawn Carden said when he got into his SUV on Tuesday morning, in the Independence subdivision in Winter Garden, he noticed papers scattered and a few items missing. Carden then checked his surveillance video.

"Wow, that is bold. Help yourself," said Carden, while watching the video. "We noticed a car pull up (and) four people got out of the the car. Two of them went down one side of the street. Two went down the other side of the street."

Carden said an Orange County deputy told him that the vehicle of the person or people responsible matches the description of a car recently stolen. He also said investigators were able to get a couple fingerprint impressions from his driver's side door.

"Just the brazenness of it, you feel a little bit of shock and awe because, especially this date and time, you know that there are cameras everywhere," Carden said.

A mile away in the Summerport subdivision in nearby Windermere, Dale Wood said both of his vehicle windows were shattered and a purse was stolen from inside.

Wood told News 6 that investigators said a total of eight vehicles were burglarized.

"I came out and both of (the windows) were smashed in," Wood said.

Without anything of value taken from inside a few vehicles, including a laptop, both homeowners said detectives believe the burglars are looking for guns and money.

Carden said some of his neighbors plan to get similar security cameras like his, following the burglaries.

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