Orlando police surprise boy with birthday present

Boy says he wants to be a police officer too


ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orlando Police Department surprised a local boy with a special birthday present Wednesday, inspiring his mother to write a sweet thank you note to the officers.

"Last week on London's birthday, we saw these officers going to make an arrest," London's mother said in a note to the Orlando Police Department. "He ran up to them and said 'It's my birthday, my name is London and I wanna be a police officer.' They were nice to him and talked for a little, but they had a job to do, so they had to go."

But London's mother didn't expect what happen next.

"Six days later, I get a bang at my door," London's mother said. "I was scared 'cause there's no reason they should have been here and I didn't remember their faces. I open the door and they had a big birthday present for London, that was so dope of them to do."

"My son was so happy and I wouldn't have thought they would have done that," she said. "Orlando Police Department clearly houses compassionate people who actually care about people and will go out of their way to do something that could positively impact a life. He will remember this forever."

Orlando police said the officers' faces were blurred in the photo because they are drug agents.