Mom looks to get results for stillborn daughter's stolen blanket

Baby's blanket stolen during Volusia County break-in, mom says

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ORANGE CITY, Fla. – An Orange City woman is asking the community to help her get results and find her daughter's baby blanket after she said someone broke into her house and stole it.

Christianna Buck posted on Facebook Monday, telling the community that several items were stolen from her house when it was broken into, but she was most devastated about the baby quilt made for her daughter, who was stillborn in December, being taken.

"If everybody could help me keep an eye on local groups, Goodwill, etc.," Buck wrote in her post with photos of the blanket.

Buck said other items were stolen during the break-in, but the blanket was the item that meant most to her.

"Electronics were taken. My deep freezer completely emptied. But everything (is) replaceable except that blanket," Buck told News 6.

The quilt is yellow and gray and has elephants in some of the squares. Buck said it was made by her grandmother and it had her daughter's name and birthday embroidered on it.

Anyone with information about where the quilt might be is asked to call Christianna Buck at (386) 218-8802.

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