FDLE: Counter-terrorism squads in full force for Fourth of July week

Special Agent: We want people to feel safe

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's counter-terrorism squads will be on heightened alert the week of July 4th as part of a security strategy for Independence Day festivities in Central Florida and across the state, according to Special Agent In Charge Danny Banks.

"We’re not taking the holiday off," Banks told News 6. "I don’t hide the fact that our counter-terrorism squads, our intelligence analysts and our use of CFIX (Central Florida Intelligence Exchange) will be in full force over the July 4th week."

In Central Florida, the popular Red, White and Boom fireworks and concert event in Altamonte Springs will be one of the first gatherings that will have security-intelligence teams on alert.

Banks said the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Orlando, London and Afghanistan are part of the new normal that dictates better awareness in every community.

"We want people to feel safe. We want people to celebrate. We don’t want people to hide inside or be fearful of going outside," Banks said.

Banks stressed the importance of the “see something, say something” philosophy because of the random acts of violence documented worldwide.

"What makes one more special and more of a target than another?” Banks said. "Only a terrorist can answer that."

CFIX Director Capt. Al Rollins told News 6 that it will be “business as usual” at the Fusion centers  headquarters this week.

"The biggest point," said Banks, “is if we let evil influence our lives. Then, evil wins."


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