Seminole firefighters get results, work to avoid future fatal fires

Seminole County firefighters install, inspect smoke alarms in various homes

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Firefighters in Seminole County went door-to-door Tuesday in an effort to educate homeowners following a recent fatal house fire.

The "Smoke Alarm Blitz" targeted 75 to 100 homes along Tangerine Avenue, which is the same street where an elderly woman and her dog died in a July 2 fire.

"There were smoke alarms in the home," Public Safety specialist Sharon Gregory said.  "Unfortunately, the batteries were disconnected."

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, firefighters said they're using the tragedy to make sure neighbors are prepared for the future.

"We're installing smoke alarms and asking residents if they need smoke alarms. If they do, we will go ahead and install them," Gregory said.

One neighbor who lives next to where the fatal fire happened, learned she had two smoke alarms that needed to be replaced.

"I really appreciate them coming out and doing that," Vanessa Lesnett said. "Didn't expect to open the door to that."

Firefighters also encouraged residents to have an escape plan and make sure to have two clear exits in every room of the home.

With her neighbor's death still on her mind, Lesnett said she has a renewed focus on keeping her family protected.

"It can happen. It was right next door. It could definitely happen to anybody," she said.

To request a home fire inspection, email: scfdcommunityoutreach@seminolecountyfl.gov.


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