Skimmers found at New Smyrna Beach gas station off I-95

Some consumers worried skimmers are now being placed inside machine

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – Four skimmers were found in New Smyrna Beach at a Chevron right off I-95.

Consumers who News 6 spoke to are worried the skimmers are now being placed inside the machine.

"First thing I do is look to see if there are any tampered evidence seals strips, because if you see that they've pulled some off and there's a new one on there. That's pretty high traffic," Rich Bruton said.

Bruton said he's been scammed before by a skimmer attached to a pump, and now he's worried it'll get him again.

"Guys come here at 3 a.m., pop the thing open, climb on the inside and put their little skimmer card there and then close it back up," Bruton said.

Detectives said the hidden device is used to steal bank account information.

"Some of the newer pumps have a little shroud over it where you cannot add that on to the inside," Bruton said.

The Department of Agriculture stepped in after it was informed of skimmer fraud at the Chevron. There, they were found plugged inline between the card reader and the computer system.

It's the same problem the Orange County Sheriff's Office warned consumers about in a major news conference.

"We now see technologies that allow them to download these using Bluetooth. The next wave of technology allows them to call in to their skimming device and download it without returning to the scene of the crime." said Adam Putnam, of the Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office said in the past 18 months it found 19 skimmers in Orange County.