Think your driver did an Uber-good job? Tip them

Uber launches tipping option inside app


ORLANDO, Fla. – Have you ever wanted to tip your Uber driver, but you didn't have cash? Well, that won't be an obstacle anymore with Uber's latest feature.

As of Tuesday, riders can tip their Uber drivers from inside the app up to 30 days after the ride is completed.

To tip drivers, riders must have the latest version of the Uber app downloaded.

Once riders rate their trip, they can choose to add a present amount or a custom amount for their tip. Once they've selected the amount they'd like to tip, they can select "Done" to send it.

Riders can also add tips from their trip history and trip receipt.

UberEATS users with the latest version of the app can also tip their delivery drivers after receiving their meal. 

To tip UberEATS drivers, customers must rate their orders. After rating, users can select either a preset or custom tip amount for their drivers. Once users have selected their desired tip amount, they can select "Submit and Continue" to complete the transaction.

Uber is celebrating its national launch of the tipping feature and thanking its drivers for going "the extra mile" by matching all tips on rides that are taken Tuesday.

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