Florida schools among those under investigation for sexual misconduct cases

344 sexual assault cases under investigation across the country

FLORIDA – The U.S Department of Education Office for Civil Rights is investigating more than 200 colleges and universities related to campus sexual misconduct cases.

Florida has seven schools on the list and three of them are in central Florida, including the University of Central Florida, Full Sail University, and and Stetson University.

"You hear about it all the time," Samantha Levy, a UCF student told News 6. "But you don't really herehear how they handle it."

Many say colleges and universities are missing the mark when it comes to investigating these cases.

But the strict oversight that came from the Obama Administration could be revisited.

Just last week Education Secretary Betsy Devos had listening sessions with victims of sexual assault, and and those accused.

She also heard from New York City attorney Kimberly Lau who has represented both sides.

"Both sides feel that these schools are not getting the investigation process correct, the hearing process correct or the sanctions correct," Lau told News 6 during a Skype interview.

For years colleges and universities have been accused of not taking victims' allegations seriously.

But some say rules implemented by the Obama Administration went too far and schools may have overcorrected in terms of punishment.

"I've see instances where four Instagram follow requests and staring at someone across the room has qualified as stalking," Lau said.

Most agree the system needs an overhaul, but striking a balance between protecting victims and the rights of accusers, has has been a challenge.

Lau has put together a list of five things students can do to avoid being victims or being accused, here

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