Thieves take mother's purse with necklace containing son's ashes

Purse stolen out of mother's car in Lexington Village in Lake County

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Thieves took something a heartbroken mother will never be able to replace. Inside her stolen purse was a necklace containing her son's ashes.

"It's something that's irreplaceable. It just means everything. I just want it back," Brittany Spain said.

Spain got choked up as she told News 6 the pain of losing a child so young.

"Your child is everything, so when you have something of theirs, you just want to keep it. He was our world," she said.

Spain said she was pregnant but lost her child -- a boy -- in January and had a necklace made to hold his ashes. She said she carried the pendant all the time, close to her heart.

"I normally either had it with me or it was on me. I rarely go anywhere without it," Spain said.

It wasn't until Sunday night she noticed something was wrong. Her purse was missing, stolen out of her car in Lexington Village in Lake County.

"I filed a police report and they said the odds of getting it back are next to zero, so I posted it on my Facebook," she said.

Spain said she has received a lot of support from her Facebook family. Her post has now been shared more than 500 times. She said she has a message for whoever stole her stuff.

"I just want the necklace back. I don't care about anything else in the purse, just the necklace," she said. "You obviously know where I live, so just put it in the mailbox. I won't say anything else. No questions asked."