OPD officers go the extra mile to help family after home floods

Officers fixed broken pipe, mopped up mess

ORLANDO, Fla. – It was a quick response by the Orlando Police Department, when they arrived to the Pine Hills home, little did they know they would be helping a family with a busted pipe.

"That's kind of the moments you kind of live for in your law enforcement career," Cpl.Lawrence Mccalley said.

Corporal Mccalley says the call came in as an unknown emergency when they got to the home it was completely flooded.

"It was deep in some spots, it was very deep, the water was running well over an hour running this house. They were all in kind of a panic, the grandmother and the two children," said Mccalley.

That's when he says they rolled up their sleeves and got to work, finding out quickly it wasa broken toilet pipe causing the problem.

"Using some boot strength to try to turn it off because it was a 40-year-old pipe that's never been touched," Mccalley added.

Mccalley says two of them went to Walmart to buy a new house, while the other two cleaned the water from inside the home.

We went to visit the family, they didn't speak much English but the woman's son was very grateful these four officers helped them out.

"It's good, good job for the officers, I'm glad to see. Thank you, God bless," Billy Dessources said.

For Mccalley this really hits home.

"I was raised in Pine Hills, I graduated from Evans, I could sit here for hours and tell you the countless amount of times friends, family members and complete strangers helped me and my family out growing up, to be able to pay that back to someone, that makes you feel good," he said.