Man pleads for burglars to return wife's ashes

Frank Schieber says burglars broke into his house on Monday

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla – A Seminole County man has been mourning the loss of his wife who died from cancer last month. He was preparing to take her ashes to their final resting place when someone broke into his home Monday and stole the urn.

The love story between Frank and Nancy Schieber is filled with 33 years of smiles, laughter and their favorite memories from a trip to Hawaii for their 25th wedding anniversary.

"I relive it everyday because it's my screensavers," Schieber said.


He called it a slice of heaven here on Earth. A little closer to home, the Schiebers found peace at their house on the lake.

"She was able to spend her last week and a half enjoying the view of the lake during hospice care," he said.

Their love story took a tragic turn four years ago when Nancy was diagnosed with cancer. The mother of two passed away in June.

Schieber remembers talking to her about her final wish.

"I said, 'You know, I could take you back to that beautiful beach in Hawaii,' and she just kind of perked up and said, 'You would do that for me?'" Schieber said. And I went, 'Yeah, I would.'"


Schieber planned the trip and prepared her ashes.

But he said someone broke into their home Monday and stole jewelry and other valuables. Schieber said they also stole something even more precious: the urn containing Nancy's ashes.

"It's like I've lost her twice, and I can't fulfill her dying wish to take her back to where she wanted to be laid to rest," he said.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is investigating the robbery, but the ashes have not yet been returned.

"I'm sure they have no idea what it was," Schieber said.

Schieber installed a new security system after the break-in. He said he's taking things one day at a time, but he still feels uneasy about not knowing where his wife's ashes are.

He's pleading to whoever took her ashes to give them back.

"If your mother had died and you had her body ready to be laid to rest where she wanted to be, and then someone stole her body and threw it in a dumpster, how would you feel?" Schieber said.

Schieber asked that whoever has the ashes or knows where they are return them to the DeGuispe Funeral Home located at 9001 N. Orlando Ave. in Maitland.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

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