Video shows would-be intruder go door to door at Longwood home

'He knew I was in the house,' homeowner says

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A man who crept around a Longwood home was caught on camera by the homeowner.

"I  was in my bedroom and I heard a funny noise," the homeowner said. "He was literally bending around my blinds. He had to have seen me."

The homeowner did not want to be identified, saying that she was too
the man might go back to her home.

Surveillance video shows the man making his way around the patio, just feet behind the doors of the room in which the homeowner is lying in bed. He walks up to the door and tries to turn the knob several times and then makes his way around the chairs, trying another door nearby.

"He went to every door to try to get in, in my back patio area," she said.

The homeowner said the man even tried to push up the bathroom window.

"He was trying to get in the front door and then he came around the back door, the gate in the pool area, and he was looking. He knew I was in the house," she said.

The homeowner said she has a message for the man and hopes someone recognizes him.

"What you did is violate me and made me feel uncomfortable in my own home, and it's not a good feeling," she said.


The Seminole County Sheriff's Office said it is aware of the attempted break-in and is investigating.