Judge asks for Isleworth millionaire's finances before bond can be granted

James Robert 'Bob' Ward accused of killing wife in 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orange County judge decided Thursday that she needs more facts before she can determine if an Isleworth millionaire accused of second-degree murder will be granted bond while he awaits a re-trial.

An appeals court reversed the conviction of James Robert "Bob" Ward last year in the 2009 death of his wife Diane.

Ward's daughters and his wife's sister were in court and said they would support him getting bond, and would allow him to stay with them in Georgia.

One of the most compelling moments in court Thursday was when the state played the 911 call Ward made the night his wife died.

Attorneys said the 911 call questions whether Ward accidentally killed his wife as he has claimed, or if he purposely pulled the trigger after the two had a fight.

The prosecution introduced several pictures that were taken at the crime scene.

Prosecutors contend the evidence they gathered showed Ward never tried to render aid or tried to comfort his wife after she was shot, since he had no blood evidence on his hands.

Members of Ward’s family and his wife's family continue to support him.

His daughter, Mallory Ward, said she would do whatever she needs to help her dad get bond. His other daughter, Sarah Ward, who currently lives in California, said she would also be a part of his life should he make bond. 

"I just want to be with my dad wherever he is," Sarah Ward said. "I’ve lost too much time with him already I want to spend as much time with him as possible."

Bob Ward's daughters said they would authorize the use of the family trust to pay their father's bond.

No one in the family could say how much was in that trust. State prosecutors contend Bob Ward could be a flight risk since a jury did convict him of second-degree murder in his first trial.

For that reason, the judge said she had to see that financial evidence before she could render a decision.

"The daughters don't know the balance of the trust, they didn't want to testify to something they weren't sure about," Attorney Sean Ellsworth said. "But for sure we are going to get the judge the balance of the trust the trust documents and we are going to get a copy to the state."

A date has not been set for Bob Ward’s second trial.