Wrongly accused gunman asks for justice in Apopka shooting

Demarquis Prince looking for attorney for possible legal action

APOPKA, Fla. – Three months after a man who was wrongly accused of shooting his boss was released from jail, police say they have not made any arrests.

Demarquis Prince, 21, was arrested soon after a shooting at a Wendy's restaurant in November, in which his boss, Dexter Hughley, 46, was shot.

Five months after the shooting, Hughley was finally able to speak, and he told investigators in a deposition Prince did not shoot him.

"It's really frustrating," Prince said.

He told News 6 he has struggled to get his life back to normal since being released from jail in April.

"It's hard getting a job, you know? People look at me like I'm a murderer and I'm not," he said. "It's been kind of tough. I got two kids and bills."

Court documents show Hughley told investigators who shot him, but now, three months later, there has not been an arrest.

News 6 asked Apopka police investigators why they haven't made an arrest.

"We are still investigating this and looking into additional leads," a police spokesperson said. "We are also waiting on some information to come back from FDLE."

That's not good enough for Prince, who said he's looking for an attorney for possible legal action against the Apopka Police Department.

"I just feel like I should get justice for sitting in jail half a year for something I didn't do," he said.

News 6 found out the shooting victim, Hughley, has taken a turn for the worse. His sister, Uletha Jennings, said her brother suffered cardiac arrest last week and he is not doing well. She said she's asking for prayers.

Anyone who has any information that can help Apopka police make an arrest is asked to call the Apopka Police Department at 407-703-1771.

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