Florida family finds boa constrictor in their attic

Trapper told family it's lived above family room for years


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – Turns out, noises in your attic aren't always rodents. Sometimes, they're boa constrictors.

A Port Charlotte family learned that the hard way after their son, Adam, heard a noise coming from their utility room, WTSP reports. When he looked up, he saw a snake peaking through a gap in the ceiling.

The homeowner's husband snapped a photo of the snake, and immediately called Animal Control. They came, but were unable to get the snake because it kept disappearing into the rafter.

The family then called Mark Lampert, a man they were referred to on Facebook, who was able to capture the snake.

Lampert identified the snake as a Colombian red tail boa and said while looking for it he also found a snake skin, indicating the snake had been above the homeowner's family room for reals.