VIDEO: Driver dumps pit bull in the middle of Tampa traffic

(Photo: Jerit Gaddis/Facebook)
(Photo: Jerit Gaddis/Facebook)

Video that appears to show a dog being dumped from a car in Tampa is going viral.

The footage was recorded about 6:40 p.m. Monday near West Martin Luther King Jr. and North boulevards, according to a driver who filmed the incident and posted the video to Facebook.

In the video, a Chevrolet Cavalier can be seen stopping abruptly in the middle of the road. Then a driver's side door pops open and an arm appears to push a dog out of the car before it drives off.

The person filming can then be seen trying to coax the dog over to him, but after wandering around, the dog races after the Chevrolet and disappears into the distance.

"So this sorry piece of [expletive] thought he was going to throw this dog out and get away with it," Jerrit Gaddis wrote. " ... I tried to catch the dog but he kept running after the car."

Afterward, Gaddis notified police and handed over the video in the hopes of tracking down the person responsible for abandoning the animal. 

The dog is described as a male fawn red nose pit bull terrier weighing about 60-80 pounds.