Woman plans to donate hair for custom wig to woman she befriended in hospital

YouCaring crowdfunding would pay for wig up front


They were complete strangers, who were sharing a hospital room for three days.

"It was very random. We were both admitted for chest pain. We didn't really talk the first night," Diana Harper from DeBary told News 6.

Until the next day, when 30-year-old Harper said the doctor told Dana Adamson-Breski, that she needed a biopsy after finding a lump.

"There's that little thin divider that they use to separate the patients in the room. I remember pushing that aside after the doctor left. I just walked over and I looked at her and I said, do you need a hug?" said Harper.

Just like that, the two became fast friends.

"She would love the music I would play at night. She just got married to a wonderful gentleman," said Harper.

Once Harper returned home, she found Adamson-Breski on Facebook and their friendship continued.

"She just has a beautiful personality to her," she said.

Harper then learned her friend had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and was undergoing chemotherapy.

"I messaged her on Facebook and I said 'Hey, it's kind of a random thing and if it's insulting please tell me, but do you want my hair if I cut it off?' And, she said yes, absolutely."

The DeBary mother said she'll be cutting off three feet of hair. The hair will be sent to a Florida custom wig maker who accepts chemically-treated locks. A basic wig is $1,900 but Harper is raising $2,500

"What we're trying to do is make sure that she doesn't have just basic hair because his poor woman has been through enough. She needs to have a head of hair that she can feel proud of and feel like it's hers," she said.

Harper said the custom wig takes five to eight weeks to make and hopes she'll raise enough money for a wig that Adamson-Breski can wear in time for the holiday season.

"Life can change at any moment. I think she really, in the short time of knowing each other, made me feel as though you've got to live not just for yourself but for others too. She's an amazing woman. It's all I want to do is give the woman a wig."

Harper will cut her hair on August 17th.

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