Bodycam footage shows night of soccer fight

Two charges dropped against primary suspect

ORLANDO, Fla. – New body camera footage shows the chaotic scene last March when a deputy was choked outside Orlando's new soccer stadium.

Police investigators say Felix Vazquez, 27, choked the deputy right after the inaugural game on March 5 between Orlando City and New York City.

Cellphone footage captured the moment of the attack, but the police body camera footage shows what was said between officers and Vazquez.

"If I bring my nose to my left, it's fine. I can't breathe through it," Vazquez tells police.

"Well, if you weren't trying to choke a cop, now, we wouldn't have this problem," the officer replied.

The video shows officers rolling Vazquez's body so he could breathe easier.

Another clip of body camera footage shows the sea of people officers were tasked with directing away from the skirmish.

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Repeatedly, people in the crowd can be seen ignoring police commands to keep moving, choosing instead to shoot video with their cellphones.

At the end of the night, Vazquez was arrested and charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and resisting an officer with violence.

Charges of resisting without violence and disorderly conduct were later dropped.

Vazquez's girlfriend, Katerine Sopilidis, 24, and Luciano Migliore, 19, were also arrested.

All three of them are from New York, and all three are now bonded out of the Orange County Jail and back home.

If convicted, Vazquez faces a maximum sentence of more than 30 years in prison.

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