Orlando Fire Department mourns death of beloved K-9

Jessie served the department for over 6 years


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Fire Department is mourning the loss of their beloved K-9, Jessie.

Jessie was a member of OFD's Arson/Bomb Squad for over six years, until her last call on August 3, 2017. She died of natural causes.

Jessie began her service to the community as a guide dog for the visually impaired. Her handlers said she always had a willingness to help, but was very active and energetic. When people noticed this, they decided to switch her to a new career path as a K-9.

Jessie was a valuable asset to the Orlando Arson Dog program and began her work with the Orlando Fire Department in May of 2011. 

Jessie and her handler Lt. Ronald Verbal had a 100 percent conviction rate on every case they tried in court. In her time with Orlando Fire, Jessie assisted in hundreds of fires, as well as cases of arson and homicide.

With Jessie's big paws to fill, Orlando Fire Department will travel to Maine to find the newest member of their City of Orlando Arson Bomb Squad.