Woman thanks Orlando police officers who saved her life

'Betty stay with us,' officers told her

ORLANDO, Fla. – A woman whose life was saved by three Orlando police officers thanked her rescuers Friday during an emotional reunion.

Those three officers call the woman, "Ms. Betty," and said she went into cardiac arrest soon after she arrived at Orlando International Airport last week while on her way to a family cruise.

"Officer Silverman just happened to be on the tram when Betty went into medical crisis," Officer David McKinnon said.

"She started having that fixed stare, and every once in a while she would be gasping for air," Officer Jake Silverman said.

The three Orlando police officers said they knew they had to do something fast to save her life.

"Officer McKinnon actually grabbed the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in front of me, and he and I went out to help Officer Silverman," Sgt. Chris Becton said.

"We started with over eight minutes of CPR, and that was for chest compressions," Silverman said.

"Everybody kept saying, 'Betty stay with us, Betty stay with us,'" Becton said.

"It seemed like 30 to 40 minutes," McKinnon said. "It seemed like forever."

They said Ms. Betty was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center with a pulse.

That is where they said their special connection began.

"I have visited them most every day since," said McKinnon.

Days after they revived her, the three officers brought Ms. Betty a teddy bear and an Orlando Police Department blanket.

On Friday, Ms. Betty thanked the three officers for helping to save her life.

"It's somewhat emotional," Becton said. "She really was dead when we were there. God put us in a position where she's with her family."

Ms. Betty is still at Orlando Regional Medical Center, where doctors have given her a good prognosis.

They said she may be well enough to travel back home to New York very soon.

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