Homes, truck painted with racist graffiti in Flagler County

PALM COAST, Fla. – Investigators for the Flagler County Sheriff's Office are looking for the people responsible for racist graffiti that was painted on three garage doors, the exterior of a home and a pickup truck.

The incidents were reported on Aug. 6 and Aug. 8, when officers were called to four separate homes in Palm Coast.

Deputies found blue spray paint graffiti painted on the garage door.

The second home had graffiti on the garage door, saying “stay white” and a letter R with a three-point crown above it, deputies said.

"It didn't make any sense to me. It was just some kind of symbol or something," said Joe Vokel, who lives next door.

The home also had a graffiti on its left side, deputies said.

The homeowner of the third home told deputies that he parked his F-150 in the his yard and noticed the graffiti on his truck, but that nothing had been taken from the vehicle.

"It was all over the side of his truck. I don't know what they put on his truck, but they really nailed it pretty good," said Debra Waltman, whose son owns the pickup truck.

Additionally, another homeowner on Rocking Horse Lane in Palm Coast told police that his wife noticed the graffiti while going to work in her car.

Deputies said some of the graffiti symbols on the home are similar to “white power” symbols.

"I didn't know what it was representing, but it was representing something with white power," Waltman said.

News 6 went by the vacant homes Monday afternoon and found most of them fixed up with a fresh coat of paint.

 "We would love to find out who did this," said Brittany Kershaw, spokeswoman, Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

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