Driver, 74, accused of ramming Corvette into SUV in fit of road rage

Jimmie Haley faces possibility of 5 years in prison

APOPKA, Fla. – A 74-year-old man was arrested after a driver said the man rammed his car three times in a fit of road rage on Tuesday.

The driver of a gray SUV told Apopka police he was trying to pass a 2005 yellow Corvette while traveling west on Wekiva Springs Road, but the Corvette wouldn't let him pass.

When he finally did pass, he said the driver started "playing games" with him, so he turned into the entrance of the Sweetwater West subdivision.

That's when he said the Corvette sideswiped him, backed up, hit his car again and then rammed his car one more time before speeding away.

"The car was backed into the pole sideways," said Jonathan Schlichkorn, who saw the aftermath of the incident. "I mean, literally, it's impossible how the car ... did not get hit by traffic coming in either direction."

Apopka police investigators said the driver of the Corvette drove to the Apopka police station, where he claimed he was attacked by another driver.

Investigators said they saw the damage to the front end of his car and they pieced together what happened. They arrested Jimmie Haley, 74, and charged him with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

News 6 investigated Haley's past and found out he's been in similar trouble before. He's received citations for failure to stay in one lane, following another car too closely and cutting off another car.

The driver of the SUV told police the car he was driving was a loaner car from a car dealership. He also complained of chest pains, and he was transported to Florida Hospital Altamonte, where his condition was not known.

Haley posted his $2,650 bond. He now faces the possibility of five years in prison if he's convicted.

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