Tavares City Council votes against mini-pigs as pets

City code doesn't allow livestock to be kept on residential property

TAVARES, Fla.A Tavares family is trying to figure out what to do next with their pet mini-pigs after the City Council voted down a change to their city code.

James Dumars, who has two adult mini-pigs and several 4-week-old babies, was at the City Council meeting Wednesday afternoon when several people voiced their concerns.

Dumars said city officials at the meeting were concerned how it would enforce the ordinance and create extra work for city inspectors.

"They had a lot of negative feedback from the community stating that they, you know, these people didn't think that they would change the law for one person," said Dumars.

Dumars and his wife started renting their home a few months ago, but the mini-pigs weren't an issue until a city trash pick-up crew reported the pigs in the back yard. He claims his neighbors didn't even know the mini-pigs were there until they asked for their support to have the city change its code.

"I really can't see getting rid of them, so I don't know what we are going to do. I'm hoping that we can pull together some more community support," Dumars said.

Tavares city code doesn't allow any livestock, such as chicken and goats, to be kept on residential property.


Dumars said he is researching what his next step will be.

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