Palm Bay restoration business responds to Harvey flooding in Texas

Workers rescue elderly women from rising waters

PALM BAY, Fla. – As images were coming in Saturday of Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Texas, a group of Brevard County cleaning and restoration workers 1,000 miles away hit the road in a convoy of vehicles headed for Houston.

"The roads are flooding. Water's rushing over the roadways. Houston's filled up with water," Phil Colaiacomo told News 6.

Colaiacomo and two dozen coworkers from Armstrong's Restoration and Construction are responding to catastrophic property and human damages of the unprecedented storm.

"Last night, two elderly ladies were trying to get through some rushing waters, a river that has overflown, and they got stuck. We had to go out there and help them get out of the river," the 31-year-old, whose family started Armstrong's, said.

Workers are waiting for floodwaters to recede so they can make their way closer to Houston.

The group is staying in a hotel in Conroe, Texas, 40 miles north of the city.

The highways leading into the city remain impassable, they said.

"There's bridges, overpasses and underpasses that are completely submerged in the city," Colaiacomo said.

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