Woman survives after car struck by lightning

Orlando resident was traveling on I-95 when car hit by lightning

ORLANDO, Fla. –  A woman is lucky to be alive after lightning struck her car while she driving on I-95.

"Just driving and minding my own own business and boom," said Eve Willoughby, of Orlando.

Willoughby was enjoying her weekend with a leisure drive along I-95 in Brevard County Saturday evening, when a hail thunderstorm took quite the turn for her.

"It was scary because all my airbags exploded all around me," she explained. "Both side car windows' airbags exploded."

Fire rescue officials told Willoughby that her exhaust pipe of her car was what was struck by lightning.

"All my emergency lights came on and it's telling me the battery, this, that, everything," she added. "As I got to the side of the road, my car completely shut off."

Willoughby wasn't even sure what had happened until she was finally able to piece it all together.

""It was just like one of those, 'Oh, my God, what happened,'" she explained. "Then the smoke and the boom and the light flashing. It all kind of gave it away that it was lightning."

But the danger didn't end with the lightning; Willoughby still had to stand on the side of the highway at night without any emergency lights flashing.

"Now my car is totaled," she said. "So now, I start all over again."

While it looks fine from far away, Willoughby knows her sedan is essentially brain-dead. Now, she is working toward getting a new car, with a new-found appreciation for life.

"You never know where lightning is going to strike, or what it's going to strike -- moving or not moving," she said.'

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