Cars line up at gas stations across Central Florida ahead of Irma

News 6 sees lines of cars around area waiting to fill up

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 saw lines of cars at gas stations all around the area waiting to fill up.

A Citgo in Mount Dora was slammed, and many drivers told News 6 it was the only one they found open.

"I passed two gas stations on my way here and they were both empty, so I got my truck filled up, and filled up five cans for my generator," said Robbie Hippensteel, pumping gas.

Signs saying "Out of gas" had people driving through and quickly driving back out. The owner of a Shell gas station said he's keeping his fingers crossed a fuel truck will come in Thursday morning.

"When there was no regular, people were taking premium because that was their only choice," owner Sanjay Schgan said. "The sales are affected. If there's no gas, there's no business at the store."

It was the same situation in Ocala: three gas stations News 6 spoke with all said worried customers emptied them out.

In Palm Bay, green or yellow tape was wrapped around pumps at two gas stations -- again, no gas.

"We got four vehicles and they're all full, so we got gas for the generators. We got four generators. Am I scared? Yeah!" Debbie Hecteon said.

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Gov. Rick Scott addressed the gas issue Wednesday night, saying they're working on getting it fixed. He's already reached out to governors in Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas for help to bring in more fuel.