Flights arrive at Orlando International Airport from Puerto Rico

Several families reunited Saturday after days of no contact

ORLANDO, Fla. – A limited number of flights have been coming into Orlando International Airport, and a lot of others have been canceled because of conditions on the island of Puerto Rico.

Saturday night, several families were reunited after days of no contact.

"Don't lose hope because Puerto Ricans are really united and we find a way. Don't lose hope," Elizabeth Alemany said.

That's advice one passenger is telling others who haven't been able to speak to their families after Hurricane Maria pushed through the island, leaving a path of destruction.

"I'm sad because my island suffered a big blow. I've never seen something like that," she said.

JetBlue Flight 8042 got in on time. The flight is the second one arriving in Orlando since the storm.

"Getting home is a lot," Omar Torres said.

Torres told News 6 he was visiting family in Puerto Rico when Maria hit.

"I got to make sure they were OK, but they're going to need so much help in the coming months," he said.

While some people are relieved to see their loved ones, another man said he's anxiously waiting to hear back from his father and two sisters.

"I don't know nothing about them. I called them. I texted them, and nothing," Luis Cayas said.