Sanford roads shut down due to floodwaters

Residents seeing dead, rotting fish from water overflow

SANFORD, Fla. – The swollen St. Johns River has sent floodwaters into Lake Monroe, which is now flooding the waterfront of downtown Sanford.

News 6 measured more than a mile-long stretch of Seminole Boulevard shut down due to floodwaters, including a section that runs right behind City Hall and the downtown courthouse.

"Obviously, I’ve never seen it like this," Doug Nelson, who walks the lake with his friend a couple times a month, said.


The water has sent fish into the streets, causing some of them to die and rot. Some people said they've even seen dead turtles along the lakefront.

Sanford city leaders urged residents to stay away from the area, fearing there could be snakes and alligators in the water. 

Forecasters with the National Weather Service issued a flood warning for the St. Johns River and Lake Monroe, fearing the water will not start to recede until later this week.

Until then, city leaders said roads will remain closed.

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