Barefoot bandit steals bearded dragon from home during Hurricane Irma

Family pet, jewelry stolen from Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Volusia County investigators are trying to identify a barefoot man suspected of ransacking a home and stealing several items, including a family's pet, during the height of Hurricane Irma.

News 6 obtained surveillance video from the home on Derbyshire Road in Daytona Beach, that shows the man pull up to the home at about 2 a.m. on Sept. 11, as the storm was reaching its peak.

The video shows him knocking on the front door, and when no one answers, he goes back to his car and drives away.

About 10 minutes later, video shows the car return to the driveway, and the driver steps out of view.

The homeowner told News 6 he believes the man broke into the French door in back and ransacked the house.

He said three flat-screen televisions, his wife's jewelry and his son's school backpack were stolen.

He said the family pet, a bearded dragon, was also stolen, with his 10-gallon terrarium.


The homeowner said he's worried the pet hasn't been adequately fed and may be dying.

If you recognize the man seen in the video, call 888-277-TIPS. You can also submit information via westopcrime.com.

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