Cancer groom allegedly plays on on women's sympathies

New video messages reveal Ken Boyer's dating game

New video messages from Ken Boyer to a Central Florida office manager give insight into how the 60-year-old Missouri man used his alleged stage 4 cancer diagnosis to convince local women to go out with him.

The two video messages obtained by News 6 were sent on Jan. 24 from what appears to be a motel bedroom and his vehicle.

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“I’d really love to come and see you, I could use a friend today,” he said on a video message to Annie,a single mom who met Boyer on SingleParent.com.

In an exclusive interview with News 6, Annie said they only dated once for dinner and a movie.

“He tried to kiss me, but I wouldn’t let him,” she told News 6, “I’m sure there were a lot of vulnerable women that he took advantage of, he’s good at it, very charming, and I’m sure these women fell for him.”

Boyer delivered dire medical news to Annie from a motel bedroom, according to the phone time stamp it was midnight Jan. 24.

“I got my results,” Boyer said slowly, ”It’s (the cancer) growing faster than I thought it was, spreading really fast, I’m not sure what else can be done.”

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Even while explaining nothing can be done to treat the stage 4 liver cancer, he continued to pursue a date with Annie.

“I’m gonna savor every minute with you, Annie, I just need to be next to you,” he said.

Annie said she felt sorry for him and went out on that one date.

She told News 6 the last time she heard from him was about a month before he was married in May to his fifth wife.

She said he claimed a friend was taking him to his home in Missouri to die.

Boyer told that identical tale to four other women by text message.

Each woman claimed Boyer said he loved them.

When confronted at his home in Missouri a few weeks ago, Boyer appeared perfectly healthy as he shouted out to "Inside Edition’s" investigative reporter Lisa Guerrero that his cancer diagnosis was “none of her business.”

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Boyer also told Guerrero that he didn’t  take money from any of the five women who have accused him of lying about his cancer.

Barbara Jones, the Florida woman Boyer lived with for more than a year, told News 6 that was a lie.

Jones has a signed IOU and has filed a lawsuit for the $22,000 she loaned Boyer for debt linked to his alleged cancer treatments and expenses.
Her attorney, Geoff Golub, told News 6 he is considering suing Boyer for not only for defaulting on the loan, but also for fraud.

Boyer’s attorney has not commented, but it appears Boyer will argue that the money was a gift.

Boyer has never provided  medical evidence that he has any form of cancer.