Police: Man mistakenly texts West Melbourne officer to buy some 'bud'

Hasan Burke, 20, charges of marijuana possession with intent to sell


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – West Melbourne Police Department's Officer Harvey Whitney received an unusual text message Sept. 23 from a phone number he didn't recognize, according to police.

The text asked if he would like to buy some "bud," police said in a Facebook post, adding "the dealer even included a little emoji of a tree."

Police arrested 20-year-old Hasan Burke of Palm Bay on charges of marijuana possession with intent to sell, News 6 partner FLORIDA TODAY reported

Here's how the undercover bust went down.

Whitney responded to the text message, and coordinated a time and place to meet with Burke, police say.

The dealer said he would be walking a dog. He asked Whitney to bring his own scale to measure the drugs, according to police. Per the dealer's request, the two would meet on Cutlass Street in Palm Bay — which happens to sit right across from Palm Bay Police Department on Malabar Road.

Officer Abroe picked up the case.

"At the exact time and location, Abroe rolled up in his patrol car," said Lt. Mike Bandish, spokesman for Palm Bay police.

Abroe saw the man walking his dog and said he could smell the marijuana as he approached. "That immediately gives you probable cause to search," Bandish said.​

The dealer's phone number was confirmed as the one texting Whitney. That's when police let him in on the tragic mis-text. 

"We usually don't play with this stuff," Bandish said. "But by some coincidence he texted an on-duty West Melbourne police."

West Melbourne Police Department's Facebook post shares this story, with its first line: "Calling all drug dealers! Please call us with your business!"

Several area police departments have shared it as well.

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