News 6 gets results for wheelchair-bound grandmother

Daytona Beach cuts curbs after our inquiry

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A grandmother is now enjoying longer, safer walks after News 6 helped her get results, and get the curbs cut in her neighborhood.
Taking a nice walk is one of the simple joys for Mrs. Thelma Cooper. She said she loves to take in the fresh air with peaceful stroll down Cedar Highlands Boulevard.
But her daughter stopped News 6 anchor Erik von Ancken in the street one day, and explained they were unable to take their walks safely on the sidewalks without struggling because the curbs had never been cut.
"It must've been dangerous having to roll down the street?" asked von Ancken.
"It is," said Cooper. "I'd just have to stay home and wait for my children to come."
She'd have to wait for her children because if she couldn't roll down the street, she would need help down and back up on the curb.
Cooper said the sidewalks have always been that way, but when she moved in 40 years ago, it wasn't really a concern. But now that it keeps her confined, it's become an issue.
"I couldn't cross!" she said.
So von Ancken got a hold of the Daytona Beach Deputy Public Works Director, David Waller, who said they'd be happy to help Cooper.
And they did.
Two weeks later, contractors cut the curbs on all of the sidewalks in Cedar Highlands.
"What's it like now when you roll down the sidewalk?" asked von Ancken.
"They're beautiful. I like it," said Cooper. "That you all get results. And I'm very proud of that."
Waller actually thanked von Ancken for bringing this to his attention, he said he didn't know about it.
If you're struggling with a situation, first reach out to your city or county, they might just help you-- they should.
If not, give News 6 a call to help you get results.

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