Elevator at Daytona Beach apartment complex inoperable since Hurricane Irma

'I've been incarcerated since Irma,' 90-year-old resident says

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The daily climb to the 11th floor of the Bayshore Bath & Tennis Club is getting old for Rich and Cam Smith.

"I had surgery about three months ago. I have stents in my heart. It's not a healthy thing," Rich Smith said.

It's also taking a toll on Cath.

"Your toes, your knees, your thighs and your butt is like, 'When is this going to end?'"  Cath Smith said.

The couple said the elevator in the South Tower stopped working when Hurricane Irma damaged the electrical system.

"I joked with him, well, do you think we'll have the elevator by Christmas or Thanksgiving?" Cath Smith said.

News 6 followed the Smiths on their hike up to the 11th floor.

"Usually, we'll just pick some topic to talk about as we climb, so we don't think about all the steps," Rich Smith said.

There was a chair that was placed halfway to the top for residents to rest. Once the couple made it to their floor, they spotted 90-year-old Rose Gawlinski.

"I've been incarcerated since Irma," Gawlinski said.

Gawlinksi has lived in the complex for 30 years.

"I have a sore knee, therefore, I can't walk down 11 flights and walk back up. It's very trying, it's starting to affect me psychologically," she said.

Residents said management has done a good job delivering supplies to them when needed, but won't say when the elevators will work.

"They always say, 'Yes, we'll take care of it. Next week, next week, next week,'" Gawlinski said.

News 6 spoke with management who said 2.5 million gallons of water destroyed the electrical parts and it's been difficult finding all the pieces to fix older-model elevators. They said technicians are working around the clock and they've provided residents with daily updates.

As of late Thursday afternoon, management told News 6 one elevator is now working and they're repairing the other one.

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