OneOrlando Fund could be used as model for Las Vegas

Fund raised $31.5 million for Pulse victims

ORLANDO, Fla. – The OneOrlando Fund, which raised money for the victims of the Pulse tragedy, could be used as a model for Las Vegas, according to Ken Feinberg, the administrator of the OneOrlando Fund and many other victims' assistance funds.

"I have been communicating with Las Vegas about doing something similar," Feinberg told News 6.

Just days after a gunman opened fire on a sea of people at a country music concert in Las Vegas, donations are pouring in to help the victims and survivors.

So far, a GoFundMe account set up by the chairman of the Clark County Commission, Steve Sisolak, has raised more than $9 million.

The OneOrlando Fund raised $31.5 million for Pulse victims.

"I express my sincere thanks to all the donors," Orlando Torres, a Pulse survivor who benefited from the fund told News 6. "It just filled the gap of financially making us feel secure, until everyone gets back to their normal life." 

Feinberg said every victims' assistance fund he has administered has been unique in its own way.

With the OneOrlando Fund, 100 percent of the donations went to victims.

It also combined money from three funds, including Equality Florida and The Compassion Fund. 

The OneOrlando Fund disbursed more than 308 claims.

The families of the 49 killed at Pulse nightclub received more than $350,000 each.

Those who were inside the club received anywhere from $25,000 to more than $300,000 depending on the extent of their physical injuries, according to Orlando city officials.

With 58 killed in Vegas and 489 injured, it will take much more money for a fund to have the same impact for victims.

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