UCF Police find decrease in on-campus crimes in 2016

Annual Security and Fire Safety Guide showcases 49 fewer total crimes


ORLANDO, Fla – A UCF Police report showcased that the number of on-campus crimes decreased last year.

In the Police Department's annual Security and Fire Safety Guide, the number of crimes reported on campus and in on-campus residential facilities decreased from 552 in 2015 to 505 in 2016.

Decreases across the board in some major crimes significantly contributed to the total reduction, including 54 fewer referrals and arrests of crimes relating to drugs and alcohol and some smaller reductions in crimes like motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault, and sexual offenses. 

There were slight increases in the on-campus crimes of weapons arrests, stalking, and burglary. 

On the subject of those crimes that saw an uptick, the school's Nicholson Student Media report on the Security and Fire Safety Guide quoted the UCFPD's spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin, who said: “These types of crimes are an unfortunate reality in our society, and sexual assault in particular is underreported in general and even more so on college campuses."

For context of these numbers in terms of some of Florida's other major universities, the University of Florida reported 32 fewer on-campus crimes in 2016 with 536, but Florida State University actually saw an increase of 34 with a total 809 reported on-campus crimes. 

The UCFPD's Annual Security and Fire Safety Guide can be located online at http://police.ucf.edu/SafetyGuide/resources/SafetyGuideMainCampus1718.pdf