Busch Gardens welcomes Rhino calf named Winnie

Winifred weighs 140 pounds at 3 days old

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – It's a (big) girl!

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay announced the arrival of their newest family member this week, Winifred, a southern white rhino.

An adult female white rhino Caseri gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Winifred, or Winnie, on Tuesday.

At 3 days old, the calf already weighs about 140 pounds, Dr. Peter Black, a senior veterinarian at Bush Gardens, said.

"They can put on almost 4 pounds a day," Black said.

Winnie still has a lot of growing to do though, as an adult female can weight up to 1.7 tons.

The rhinoceros family lives inside the Serengeti Plains habitat, best seen from the safari trucks or the Serengeti trains.

White rhinos are native to southern Africa and often hunted by poachers for their horns. 

The species of rhinos were brought back from the brink of extinction, thanks to conservation efforts, according to the World Wildlife Foundation. There are an estimated 20,000 living in the wild as of 2016.

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