Sanford residents watch, wait as floodwaters creep closer to front doors

Any more rain could be devastating

SANFORD, Fla. – Residents are watching and waiting as the floodwaters creep closer to their front doors. Any more rain could be devastating.

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"What else are you going to do? I wish it wasn't here," Preston Haworth said.

Haworth has been living on the water for more than 30 years and said flooding is what people have to deal with when their home is backed right up to the St. Johns River.

"Until the river goes down below a certain level, the roads stay flooded," Preston said. "After a while, it gets annoying, especially for the folks that have a car and no truck."

His wife said having to leave her car parked at the end of the road and cross through neighbors' yards to get home is a challenging task.

"I park on high ground and I have my shoes on in the car, so I change to the boots, roll my pant legs up and march home," Margo Haworth said.

The water is already so high, docks on the canal are completely submerged, and now more rain is on the way. Neighbors are hoping the water level won't get any higher.

"It's the small price to pay to live in paradise on the river, but yeah, it is a bit annoying," Dave Parker said.

Residents said the flooding has been like this in the area since Hurricane Irma. Now, a month after Irma, they told News 6 that garbage trucks and mail carriers don't get to their homes because of all the water.