Daytona Beach police officer charged after prisoner says he asked for oral sex

Nick Aitchison charged with simply battery, false imprisonment

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – After a months-long investigation a Daytona Beach transport officer has been charged after an female inmate said he asked her for oral sex and exposed himself to her while driving her to the Volusia County Jail, deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

The victim was arrested on May 30 and picked up by Daytona Beach police Officer Nick Aitchison around 1 a.m. for transport to the Volusia County Jail.

Between the drive from the Daytona Beach Police Department to the jail, the woman said Aitchison stopped the van behind a closed business where he asked her for oral sex and to see her breasts, according to the report.

Deputies reviewed video surveillance from the Daytona Beach Police Department van, which shows Aitchison stopping the van at 1:13 a.m., opening the van doors and saying to the victim “I got a question for you, come out here.”

In the video, the female slides out of the van and Aitchison asks her “if she is in trouble.”

Most of the audio was hard to hear what the officer was saying to the woman, but because the woman was standing closer to the van deputies logged this response to what Aitchison said:

"If we were dating."

"Not right now."

"Not right now."

"Not right now."


"No not now."

“Not here."


"Maybe when I get out."

"You got to take me where I need to go?"

The victim would later tell detectives that she was responding with “No” and “Not right now,” when Aitchison asked her for a “blow job” and then to “see her (breasts).” The victim said the suspect also exposure himself to her and placed her handcuffed hands on his penis, according to the report.

After the female inmate got back into the van, she looked at the camera looking disturbed over what just happened, deputies wrote in the report.

The officer then took the woman to the Volusia County Jail without stopping again. Once she arrived, after pat down, she told a corrections officer what happened and said she would like to file a complaint, according to the report.

GPS on the van showed that the vehicle was parked behind the Volusia United Educators building facing Old Deland Road for 8 minutes and 23 seconds. The officer told detectives he stopped the van outside the Volusia County Jail Women’s Facility, because the victim had slipped out of her handcuffs. Detectives said no stop on jail property was recorded by the van GPS, other than the final stop to drop off the victim. The video also showed that woman's handcuffs were on.

The victim told her father in a recorded call from jail that the officer asked for her phone number and she gave it to him.

When a corrections officer informed Aitchison of the allegations against him, he “appeared sick,” and got red in the face, according to the report.

After the investigation complete by the Sheriff’s Office, charges of with simply battery, indecent exposure and false imprisonment were filed against Aitchison Oct. 6. He was arrested last week and booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail. Aitchison posted his $15,000 bail the same day.

Daytona beach police said Aitchison was hired on March 19. Department officials confirmed to News 6 Wednesday that Aitchison has been fired.

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