'She just stabbed me:' Video shows attack on Volusia deputy by man's ex-girlfriend

Authorities: Woman set fire to man's home before arriving at deputy's house

EDGEWATER, Fla. – Newly released video from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows the woman accused of setting her ex-boyfriend's house on fire Saturday and stabbing an off-duty deputy attempting to make her second attack.

Family members of Michael DeMalia, the ex-boyfriend of Brittany Bonin, said the woman showed up out of the blue when she set fire to the Edgewater home where DeMalia lives, just after 4 p.m. 

After Bonin set the house on fire, DeMalia fled to the nearby home of a Volusia County deputy, where video shows Bonin getting out of a car to try attacking him again.

The surveillance video showed the off-duty deputy, Capt. Cliff Williams, stepping between DeMalia and Bonin, who deputies said was armed with a knife, in an attempt to shield DeMalia.

Williams, who called 911 when the woman arrived, told dispatch that Bonin had stabbed him in the back.

"You can add battery on an LEO (law enforcement officer) to that, too," Williams said. "Expedite those units Central. She just stabbed me with a knife."

The video shows Bonin tried to punch Williams before something she was holding went flying through the air and landed in the road. It's unclear whether that was the knife.

Williams was able to pin the woman down in the driveway as he explained the incident to dispatch.

"She actually came over to my house, stabbed me, tried jumping on this guy," Williams said in the 911 call.

DeMalia told News 6 the two hadn't been together for months when Bonin showed up to his home.

Bonin also set fire to DeMalia's home, where the fight started, police said. The fire was extinguished by Edgewater Fire Rescue personnel.

"I'm heartbroken. He didn't deserve this," said Jacqueline DeMalia, the sister of the victim.

Jacqueline DeMalia walked through the house with News 6, pointing out where Bonin allegedly set fire in several places and smashed the fish tanks.

"They hadn't been together for quite a while, so I'm not quite sure why she did all this," she said.

Edgewater police took Bonin into custody for aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, police said. Bonin also faces charges including battery, aggravated assault (deadly weapon), arson and tampering with a witness.

Bonin's family told News 6 they are shocked over what happened and there are no excuses.

Williams, who the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said started with the Sheriff's Office in 1989 after serving in the United States Marine Corps, was taken to Florida Hospital in New Smyrna Beach for non-life-threatening injuries.

"Capt. Williams was treated and released from a local hospital, and he's back at work today with a lot of people wanting to shake his hand," the Sheriff's Office said Monday.

Deputies said Williams has a long history with the agency.

"His career included assignments on road patrol, in the courthouse, as a recruiter, in internal affairs and as a watch commander," the Sheriff's Office said. "He led the agency's Honor Guard, developed a boot camp program for juvenile offenders and served as assistant commander of District 6, headquartered in DeBary."

Williams retired in 2014, but came back in 2015 as director of the PAL program, the Sheriff's Office said.

In a statement, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he was proud to hear that Williams had stepped in to help put a stop to the fight.

"It just goes to show you are never truly off duty," Chitwood said. "He took a knife wound that was meant for someone else because his instinct was to step in as a protector. I'm not surprised he did -- he's proven and tough, and that's what our men and women are trained to do. I'm just a little surprised the knife didn't bend when it hit him."

It's a sentiment shared by Michael DeMalia and all his family.

"I'm grateful that he was there," Jacqueline DeMalia said. "I think he saved my brother's life. If he wasn't there, I believe she would have stabbed my brother."

Edgewater police are still actively investigating the incident.

DeMalia's family are collecting donations to help Michael and his 18-month-old daughter, Madalana, get back on their feet. You can drop off or mail any donations to:

Jacqueline DeMalia
3315 Indian Palm Drive
Edgewater, FL 32141

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