Top Google trends for Halloween in Central Florida

Google's Frightgeist shows Wonder Woman top costume in Central Florida this year

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CENTRAL FLORIDA – It's no surprise that popular Google searches in Central Florida around Halloween revolve around theme parks and original costume ideas, according to data from Google Trends.

Google Trends is a service from the search engine that provides a look through the data of trillions of searches, with a goal of locating trends and correlations. While they don't offer specific numbers for their data, they identify the searches of peak popularity with a value of 100 and give everything that follows a lower value relative to that peak search.

Unsurprisingly for the area, six of the top ten Central Florida Halloween Google searches included queries about Universal's "Halloween Horror Nights" or Disney's "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party." The remaining top four searches dealt with costumes - either ideas for what to wear, or stores for where to find them.

For those dressing up on Halloween and looking to be unique Google has Frightgeist, a site dedicated to showing what costumes are popular in your area and nationally.

Frightgeist is a currently running Trends feature created to help interested parties find more unique costumes to wear by telling them which costumes are trending in the country and in their area. For Central Florida, the top five costume searches were: "Wonder Woman," "Moana," "unicorn," "witch" and "rabbit."

According to the ste, in Orlando there is "a frighteningly high chance you will see a Wonder Woman costume on Halloween this year."

The findings proved to be very comparable to Google searches nationally, with the United States top five costume searches also featuring 'Wonder Woman," "unicorn" and "rabbit," alongside "Harley Quinn" and "clown."

Trends also includes a map of the most popular Halloween activity searches according to each state, with Florida's top three most popular being "pumpkin patches," "haunted houses" and "corn mazes," respectively.

In Central Florida, the top holiday searched is Christmas,  which is search for twice as often as Halloween. Halloween is still more popular among googlers than "Valentines Day," "Thanksgiving" and "Easter."

The most nationally searched for Halloween sweets were "donuts," "M&M's," "candy corn," "candy bark" and "chocolate." The top national Halloween decoration search terms are "stickers," "picture frames," "curtains," "candles" and "wall art."



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