Man found with bloody hands, shoes arrested on suspicion of beating up man, deputies say

Elvis Aaron Prechtl charged with attempted second-degree murder



Orange County sheriff's deputies arrested a man Friday on suspicion that he severely beat a man at the Days Inn on Colonial Drive.


Deputies said they went to the hotel where an employee told them that a man who had been badly beaten was in one of the rooms.

The witness told deputies that 
the suspect in the attack, Elvis Aaron Prechtl, had introduced himself as she was working.


She said that while she continued workingPrechtl paced back and forth down the hallway of her building.

She said he later asked her for a "dub" or a "blunt," an apparent reference to marijuana, and she told him to speak to someone else, the report stated. As the woman continued working, she heard noises from the next room, including banging on the walls and yelling.


When she went to check on the commotion, she saw the victim lying on the floor and Prechtl standing over him stomping and kicking him in the head and face, the report said.


The witness said when she entered the room Prechtl stopped and exited the room but stood outside the door.


Once Prechtl was arrested, deputies said he had blood all over his hands, shoes and socks.

When deputies opened the hotel room they found the victim on the floor between two beds, bleeding from his face and head and having a difficult time breathing.

The victim was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center.


Prechtl is charged with second-degree attempted murder and aggravated battery with great bodily harm.