New Kirkman Road exit could cause difficulties for WB I-4 drivers

Could be months before GPS updates with changes

ORLANDO, Fla. – A portable sign was posted Sunday ahead of a traffic change involving the Kirkman Road exit along I-4 West.

Maria Chacon, who travels along I-4 every time she visits from Miami, said the constant construction already makes it confusing, but the big change ahead could make it more difficult for drivers like her.

Right now, drivers who are westbound on the interstate exit on the left-hand side to southbound Kirkman road.

On Monday, westbound drivers along the interstate will take a new exit on the right-hand side of the road to southbound Kirkman Road.

Florida Department of Transportation officials are warning drivers to be aware of the change before approaching it.

 “Drivers need to watch out for it because it will be exiting about a half-mile earlier than normal and then there will be a decision point where you travel north or south on Kirkman,” Jennifer Horton, with FDOT, said.

The signs already in place are to warn drivers of the change, especially those who aren't familiar with the busy area, which is often packed with tourists. 

Officials said it could take a couple months for drivers’ navigation systems to get the update, but that the new ramp will be safer since highway exits are usually on the right.

It may take time, but motorist will eventually get used to it, FDOT officials said.

“It will be an adjustment period,” Horton said. “We just ask people to slow down, take a few extra minutes to adjust to the change."

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