Halloween celebration held for children of families displaced by Maria

Some families still living at hotel one month after storm

ORLANDO, Fla. – Halloween came a day early for families displaced by Hurricane Maria, some of whom didn't even think they would be able to celebrate. 

"(It's) comforting to have some normality for the kids considering we are at a hotel," Myra Gomez said.

Myra Gomez said Monday that it had been nearly a month since she and her children began staying at the Westgate Resort and that for the first time in weeks, she saw her kids smile.

"It's nice to know we have support here and they have events for the kids. This is amazing. I can't ask for more," Gomez said.

The U.S. Army recruiting battalion relocated 90 families following the destruction in Puerto Rico and nearly two weeks later, two-thirds of them were still there. Many still don't know when they'll be able to go back home. 

"This is giving them a little bit of normalcy and home back to them, take their minds from everything that's been going on," volunteer Maria O'Donnell said.

Olga Marin described the experience as an emotional roller coaster,

"Every single time there's a bad moment, we have to make the best out of everything," Marin said. 

There was plenty of decorated cars, trunks, costumes and candy to go around during the celebration.

Attendees said the Halloween celebration reminded them what it meant to serve the community. 

"If it wasn't for the community, (I'm) not sure what we would be doing, said Capt. Chris Jones. "It just warms my heart to know that people really care out there."