Owner searches for pet parrot stolen from back porch

Kellie Garrett says she's been looking for Fred since Saturday

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Fred is an 8-year-old bright green macaw parrot. The bird, which Kellie Garrett said has a big personality, is known for his screams and shares a very special bond.

"He capes me with his wing. Like, he wraps his wings around my head. He nuzzles me. Fred likes to scream and Fred calls me mom," Garrett said.

Garrett said Fred was stolen five days ago from her back porch, along with a 5-foot-tall bird stand. Garrett said stealing the bird and the stand couldn't have been easy.

"It's pretty scary that someone could just walk into my 6-foot privacy fenced-off area, into my backyard. They have some audacity to come up on my porch to take my bird and his stand," Garrett said.

Garrett told News 6 she's been looking for Fred since Saturday, putting up dozens of flyers on street signs, hoping someone will call.

"If you're scared and you don't want to come forward and you have him, just put him in my yard, knock on my door, ring the door bell, leave him and run away," Garrett said.

She describes the bird as having red feathers on its forehead, a gold underbelly and a distinct scream.

The owner said she's devastated and that her grandchildren have grown up with the bird for the past eight years.

"I have a lot of faith and a lot of hope. I know somebody somewhere has seen something," Garrett said.

Anyone who has any information that can help bring Fred home can call the Orange County Sheriff's Office.