Gov. Rick Scott to unveil tax cut plan during stop in Sanford

Florida top official to call for taxes to be cut by $180 million


SANFORD, Fla. – Gov. Rick Scott wants to cut fees and taxes by $180 million during his final year in office.

Scott is expected to announce the proposal on Monday during stops in three Florida cities, including Sanford. It will be considered during the 2018 legislative session that starts in January.

The package is much smaller than last year's $618 million request and is directed at residents instead of businesses.

Scott wants a 10-day back-to-school tax holiday where residents would not pay sales taxes on clothes. He also is proposing tax holidays where the state would waive taxes on hurricane preparation supplies.

The governor also wants to cut the price of renewing a driver's license.

State legislators have already warned that they may have to pursue budget cuts during the 2018 session.

Scott is expected to speak at Hernon Manufacturing in Sanford just after noon on Monday.