Osceola County residents relieved to get guardrail after News 6 investigation

'I'm very grateful that they're finally putting in this barrier,' resident says

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Osceola County residents say they are relieved to get a guardrail in front of their apartment complex after multiple crashes have happened over the years.

The guardrail comes after a News 6 investigation. "I'm very grateful that they're finally putting in this barrier," Edelmiro Torres told News 6.

People who live in this complex said they were afraid someone would be killed.

They had tried to get something in the past with no results, according to residents. "Do you feel safer now?" Investigator Louis Bolden asked.

"Definitely," Torres said.
"I do feel safe."

However, he didn't always. Vehicles miscalculated the curve and crashed into the wall outside the Villas at Somerset apartments on numerous occasions, according to Torres and other neighbors.

According to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, this year alone there have been 17 documented accidents, hit and run's, and reckless driving incidents at the wall.

Residents believe there have been even more.

"It was a constant problem with at least every two weeks a crash," Torres said

During the News 6 investigation, residents shared pictures they took after crashes.
In one photo, a section of the cinderblock wall crumbled after a car hit it.
In another photo, a car crashed into a water valve in front of the wall.
Another crash left a dent in a nearby car from a flying cinderblock.

Mark Pino is Osceola County's Public Information Officer. "Residents and Channel 6 brought it to our attention that this curve there was an issue there," Pino said.

Pino said the county took action, quickly installing several meters of guardrails the length of the wall.

"It’s very good, very pleasing that they've been able to do something with this situation," Torres said.

Residents say they are relieved.

"Definitely call News 6. They put it out there; they get results," Torres said.
"They get something done for you definitely."

Pino said the county will continue to monitor this situation, but they believe the guardrail is the best fix.​

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