Winter Park considering installing barriers downtown

Proposal would cost city $580,000

Winter Park Farmers' Market
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WINTER PARK, Fla. – The City of Winter Park is looking at installing new barriers in its downtown area to prevent cars from plowing into groups of people.

A city official said this is a proposal that has been in discussion for years and it's not a direct response to the recent terrorist attacks. 

Still those shopping, eating and visiting the busy Park Avenue area on Friday say it's hard not to fear the worst. 

"I mean look how many times lately they have had people in trucks and cars and things recklessly going through crowds," Winter Park resident B.J. Paulhau said. "So I mean unfortunately that is the state of the world we are in right now and you have to think about these things even in Winter Park." 

It also crossed Anna Cornell's mind when she recently went to Oktoberfest in Casselberry. 

"There were too many people, it was 5,000 people," she said. "A lot of police but if somebody wants to do something crazy you can't stop it."

However, Winter Park's Community Redevelopment Agency wants to try by installing removable, but sturdy bollards similar to those currently placed at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. 

"Placed in the street, each set would be pulled up to a lock position when needed and rest below ground when not," the proposal reads in a CRA agenda. "The bollards provide an opportunity for enhanced safety features as each proposed location is able to stop vehicular traffic from entering the area during street closures for events such as the art festivals, Dinner on the Avenue, and Winter on the Avenue among others."

Right now, the price tag for the proposal would be about $580,000. Paulhus thinks it's worth it. 

"I know it costs money but with any great idea costs money," she said. 

The CRA plans to discuss the installation of bollards at their meeting scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Monday. 

Last Friday, the city of Orlando also told News 6 about plans to install more bollards around town, click here for more.

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