Argument over pizza leads to Melbourne stabbing, police say

Suspect accused of smoking K2 before altercation

Drew Cywinski, 25
Drew Cywinski, 25

MELBOURNE, Fla. – An argument over a pizza slice was the catalyst behind a physical altercation between two friends Monday afternoon that involved a golf club, a mop handle and a 5-inch buck knife, police say. 

News 6 partner Florida Today reports that Drew Cywinski, 25, told police he became enraged when his friend ate a slice of pizza Cywinski wanted for himself, according to arrest reports. 

He was so angry, he struck the man in the head with a golf club — breaking the club — then pulled out a knife and cut the man on his chest several times, Melbourne police say. 

The altercation unfolded like this, according to arrest reports: 

Cywinski and the friend were smoking a drug called K2, a synthetic marijuana, on Garfield Street in Melbourne, where Cywinski resides, earlier in the day. 

When the two were done, they parted ways, but planned to meet later. 

Cywinski invited the man to his home in the afternoon and they hung out on the back porch. Then, the man went inside and started eating a piece of pizza that was on the kitchen table. 

But Cywinski told his friend that slice was for him, police report. 

A verbal argument started between the two. Police noted on the report the two were "at odds over recreational drug use."

The friend got his backpack from the porch, grabbed his bike and started to leave. But Cywinski followed him, picked up a golf club and said, "I'm gonna kill you," according to police. Cywinski struck the man in the head. The club broke. 

The man then armed himself with a metal mop handle and hit Cywinski on the arm. 

That's when Cywinski pulled out the 5-inch knife and began to "carelessly swing" it at the man, police report. Cywinski slashed the man on the chest more than once.

Cywinski was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery. Police determined he charged at the man over 40 feet to intentionally harm him. He is being held at the Brevard County Jail on a $20,000 bond.