Students play 'doctor' on Seminole County bus after finding syringe

Child possibly punctured by needle; 2 students taken to hospital

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Altamonte Springs police said a group of students played a game of "doctor" on a Seminole County school bus after one of them found a syringe near the Waterside Apartments.

Seminole County Public Schools said the student took the syringe on a bus that was headed to Altamonte Elementary. At some point during the 2-mile trek, students on the bus started playacting when one of the students was possibly punctured by the needle.

The school district said two students were taken to an area hospital to be checked, even though only one was possibly punctured.

"You can tell your kids, 'Don't pick something up off the floor,' but we all play 'doctor' when (we're) little. They probably thought it was a little game -- they didn't think it was real," parent Anika Fourcand said. 

Authorities said the syringe was found near the Waterside Apartments.

Neighbors said there's a busy stretch near the complex because it's located near two gas stations and State Road 436. 

"I hope it was somebody's diabetic insulin needle and they lost track of it and dropped it or something," said Eric Herkert, who lives nearby. "I'm pretty surprised. It's not like a bad neighborhood. You wouldn't think you would find syringes or stuff like that. I mean, it's right next to the Cranes Roost Park."

School officials said they don't expect any criminal charges to be filed.