Thief breaks into car in Ocoee, takes gift for boy with autism

Gift was for 11-year-old Clifford

OCOEE, Fla. – A family in Ocoee is without a special gift for their son with autism after a thief broke into their car.

Cliff Cox told News 6 that he parked his car outside their family's townhouse Friday night. When he woke up on Saturday, he got a call from a neighbor who said that they found his credit card in the roadway.

This prompted Cox to check his vehicle, when he realized someone had broken in.

Cox said later he realized his 11-year-old son's gift was in the backseat of the car. When he looked, it was gone.

Every year, Cox buys his son the latest version of the Hess toy truck.

"They didn't take the GPS. They didn't take the things that where there that was readily available that had value," Cox said.

The gift was for 11-year-old Clifford, who has autism. Clifford has had previous editions of the toy, which has become his favorite present to get as a yearly tradition.

Cox said he had to special order the toy, and it was in the car until he found a place to hide it inside.

"For my son, that's the first thing on Christmas morning; it wouldn't matter if he got bikes or anything else," Cox said.

Cox said whoever took the present from his son doesn't realize how much the gift would have meant to him.

"People that want something quick get rich quick, get it, steal it, take it, whatever, they are robbing themselves of the skill of learning and saving," Cox said.

The family said they hope to replace the toy, but add they are on a tight budget.

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